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If you experience problems report them here.
If you experience any problems with Tinyender website, please report them here (Please include video or screenshot as i can't always knew where they appear). Thank you!

- Problem: When posting same comment as someone else you won't be able to post it.
- Some posting problems (editor and preview post style problems)

- Fixed spacing of editor & preview post (still need to improve it)
- Fixed homepage "No thumbnail" image size problem
- Fixed preview page "No thumbnail" color
- Improved "Make a post" page
- Updated submission page
- Updated no thumbnail image (on home page)
- Updated no thumbnail image (on submit page)
- Fixed image size problem (content won't go over reading area)
- Updated 404 page not found (image & position)
- Updated website theme
- Fixed view counting problem

Other bugs:
- People can't post same comments
- YouTube embed using Content form won't show up

If you experience any other problems please repor them to us. We're working hard to fix as many problems as possible. Thank you =)
95 views Dec 20, 2016

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biox00 Explorer 415 points
Bro when I comment "I joined" on the give away post https://tinyender.com/95/minecraft-%26-battlefield-giveaway a message appears under the comment box saying that "Your submission appears to be a duplicate.". If you've maid the site yourself remove the script for checking duplicates. Otherwise you can leave the future and use a program that will decide the winner based on a keyword if you weren't already planning to use something like that.
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Dec 20, 2016
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
Website is really new and new bugs appears time to time, i'm trying to fix them ASAP. If you spot any other problems just report. And thanks for reporting :)
MuhsinunCool Blacksmith 470 points
I can't post any posts cuz it keeps on saying that my post is banned and I need to upload an image when I clearly did...
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Dec 22, 2016
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
If you don't upload banner of post it won't post it (The: Upload thumbnail) button. If that's not it send me screenshot or link.
samo_lego Watcher 250 points
I can not upload anything, it says "please upload banned". Am I doing wrong or is it the bug?
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Dec 23, 2016
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
Area where it say "No thumbnail" you need to upload banner else you can't make post.
samo_lego Watcher 250 points
Thank you UXRO!
TCONicon Slayer 795 points
I thought posting with this feature would work http://prntscr.com/dnay2e , but when I post the threads, it didn't show the videos.
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Dec 23, 2016
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
Thanks for report, i didn't know this doesn't work. Else you can use section where it say "Add media" it will center all videos & images. I will try to fix :)
Tekkenslayer Knight 595 points
the website is simple and very functional i suppose you are experienced with creating websites (i didn't live any problem on there)
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Jan 31
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
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