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Easy Minecraft Skin Creator

This website makes it very easy to make your own skin for Minecraft skin. You just design it and download the image file. You can even look through the catalog of skins to find your favorite Minecrafter's skin, and edit it as much as you want to make it unique. This website also has the resources for you to create your own wallpapers with your character models. The above cover was actually made using the wallpaper creator, using my character model made using the skin creator. There is even a place to create your own resource packs. All in all, you should check out this website. Again, it is called Novaskin. Go to http://minecraft.novaskin.me

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Dark Hoodie Explorer 380 points
Cool ;)
+2 votes
Dec 20, 2016
blackbatman56 Explorer 430 points
thanks man
TheLog Merchant 200 points
+1 vote
Dec 22, 2016
MuhsinunCool Blacksmith 470 points
Eh, novaskin's ight
+1 vote
Dec 22, 2016
MOREB Citizen 165 points
+1 vote
Dec 26, 2016
Dirty518 Watcher 320 points
Is ok but i already knowed that
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Jan 2
Greaty Merchant 210 points
Cool Software
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Jan 2
Maxedo Merchant 210 points
thank you
+1 vote
Jan 5
blackbatman56 Explorer 430 points
You're welcome!
Tekkenslayer Knight 595 points
how to do use the skin that you have downloaded in mac ? I didn't found any char.png or something like this
+1 vote
Jan 31
blackbatman56 Explorer 430 points
I am not sure about Mac. I only have Windows. Sorry dude.
blackbatman56 Explorer 430 points
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