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MAI Unlimited Projects [WIP]

Hello. This is my first time post on this site smile
You all can call me anything, but my friends always call me TCON or Old Man tongue-out
I want to show my animation project called MAI Unlimited Project (I'm sorry, it still in progress).

If you guys know Fate/Stay Night UBW, I think you will recognize this scene laughing Haha.


(I hope I can continue this project, because there's too many abandoned project laughing , what a bad of me, haha)


Note: On my monitor, the video isn't dark. but on my 2nd monitor and my phone, the video kinda dark. I'm sorry about that :D


Feel free to coment :D

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UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
Looks good :D can't wait to see full video. Keep up good work :)
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Dec 22, 2016
TCONicon Slayer 795 points
Ty very much for the support :D
MuhsinunCool Blacksmith 470 points
Quite interesting indeed! :D
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Dec 22, 2016
TCONicon Slayer 795 points
Thanks :D
Dirty518 Watcher 320 points
Man That was so cool
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Jan 2
Greaty Merchant 210 points
I Cant Wait
0 votes
Jan 2
Tekkenslayer Knight 595 points
Good luck have fun
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Jan 31
TCONicon Slayer 795 points
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