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Creepy Minecraft story

Once i joined a empty survival server.

I joined a survival server in hope of finding some players on it. I found a server with lot's of comments on it 'Good ones'.
After i joined i found out nobody was on wich was weird, i started chopping wood as always, after creating
my house, suddenly there was some creepy noise, it was in my house. It got me creepy, and i closed my door.
In minecraft itself someone wrote:'Hello there'. I pressed Tab to see who it was since it only said that.
No username, nothing. Nobody was on so i typed:'Hello'. to test if it wasn't a Plugin or something. It didn't answer for
4 minutes and i wanted to leave the server. Before disconnecting i typed once more:'Are you still there?'
'It' answered saying that the server host got Bankrupt but they never turned the Servers off, i started to disconnect from the server,
my computer made weird sounds through my Headphones and my FPS dropped to 1-2. After this accident i never joined the server,
and deleted the ip. Forever.


Story by: Void Walker

574 views Dec 11, 2016

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Dark Hoodie Explorer 380 points
What a scary story ~.~
–1 vote
Dec 15, 2016
LeafyIsHere Explorer 445 points
Who reads stories... AHAHAHA xD
+1 vote
Dec 20, 2016
EnimousLP Merchant 210 points
Thanks for sharing :D
–1 vote
Dec 20, 2016
dermacules016 Watcher 305 points
Scary lol
–1 vote
Dec 20, 2016
biox00 Explorer 415 points
That is definitely strange and I would like to know how is it even possible... :D
–1 vote
Dec 20, 2016
narusama9965 Recruit 105 points
Anything can happen on Minecraft, except for on Pocket Edition.
MuhsinunCool Blacksmith 470 points
Idk y no one else finds this scary in the slightest... Maybe I'm the only one who found it scary cuz it's midnight on a school night and I was imagining the story teller talking in a suspicious tone lmfao xD
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Dec 22, 2016
Maxedo Merchant 210 points
I smell lies
+1 vote
Jan 5
Tekkenslayer Knight 595 points
ıts a lie lol
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Jan 31
UXRO Dark Lord 5,605 points
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