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How to create a vanilla Minecraft 1.11 server (w/out plugins)

Making servers can be annoying, especially when all you want to do is just play with a couple friends on vanilla but don't want to pay for a realm, so hopefully here i can condense every step down to a nice, simple and easy to follow tutorial

1) Acquiring all the right gear

So to start off your going to need to download all the software needed to actually run the server, so to start off create a folder on your desktop, call this anything you want but i reccomend linking it to what you want your server to be called:image


Then, follow the link below and hit the "minecraft_server.1.11.jar" button to start downloading the actual server files, pick the download location to be the file we just created on the desktop:




If done correctly the file we made on the desktop should look a little like this


2) Launching for the first time

So as you can probably tell this is not quite a ready to play on server, so first of all, the file that we downloaded called "minecraft_server.1.11.jar" double left click that, that should then create a few files, however the one we need is called "eula.txt":



Now, to continue any further we need to agree to Mojang's terms and conditions to running a server, so you may first want to read up on them here:


When you have done so you can then accept the EULA agreement found in the eula.txt file, on first opening the .txt file you will finding it appearing like this:


While the above statement "eula-false" is false then the server will refuse to launch, so we need to change it so that we do agree with the EULA, by setting the statement to TRUE:


Make sure to save changes before exiting the .txt file.


Now that we have accepted to EULA, server creation can continue, so launch the same .jar file as before, a prompt will then appear asking you to allow minecraft access through your filewall, this is simply so that other players may join your server, the window should look like this, however another box may be present labelled "private networks" which is the one you want ticked:


You will also notice a load more files have downloaded, and a window has popped up:


The new window is your minecraft console, this is how you execute commands in the game such as adding whitelists and setting players gamemodes, you may want to OP yourself before joining the serer, remember all commands done in the console do not require the "/" so the command would be just "op [playername]"

You may not connect to your minecraft server using the ip "localhost" or ""


3) Editing the server properties

There are many parts of your server that you may want to configure, this can be done in the server.properties file:



Now, most of the options in this file are self explanatory, however the only ones you may actually need to worry about are:

Difficulty - This is to set the difficulty of the server, 

    0 - Peaceful

    1 - Easy    2 - Normal    3 - Hard

Server-port - This is the 'doorway' through your internet that minecraft will use to allow other players to connect, in most cases this will be fine, but if the console says otherwise, or you plan on running more than 1 server in your household, change this to something like 25567

White-list - When set to true you will then need to add players to the whitelist either in the console or in the whitelist.json file

Online-Mode - Chooses if your server should connect with the mojang servers to check the legitimacy of connecting players, by default this is set to true


4) Actually allowing other players access

This can be done by either 1 of 2 ways


 - Set up a hamachi server between you and the friends you wish to play with, bearing in mind the free version of hamachi only allows up to 5 people in a network


 - Portforward your internet, this can be a very lengthy process, but put simply what you will need to do is go to your routers admin settings through your browser, and allow tcp/udp access through the port we selected in the server.properties file, this will then allow any player to access your server simply by using your ip, you may obtain this simple by typing "my ip" into google, for a more advanced tutorial on port forwarding feel free to find a youtube video to follow along to by searching "How to portforward with [Your internet service provider]"


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Next time, try one with plugins as i would say a server without plugins is just pure bad.
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only 5 person is so sad :/ but nice tutorial for hamachi beginners anyway. I don't want to make a hamachi server now but when i need, perhaps one day this page will  come again thanks a lot ;)
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