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Minecraft & Battlefield Giveaway!

Hello everyone and welcome to Tinyender. As we promised here is our first Giveaway. Before joining it read entire description as there are some important steps to follow.

- 3x Minecraft Premium
- 1x Battlefield 1
(Notice: You can also join our 2nd giveaway. (Check out video))


How to join giveaway:
- Register account on TinyEnder.com (and confirm your email)
- Comment on this post with "I joined" (Currently there is problem with comments, so just try to comment with unique comment)
- Earn 200 points


- Post only one comment!
- You need to earn 200 points (At end you need to have at least 300 points!)
- Person with most useful posts will receive Minecraft or Battlefield 1 (More posts you made better is for you) other games will be given to random winners.
- Do not spam comments/likes to all posts just to earn points!


How to earn points?
To earn points you can: Post different things to Tinyender (share videos, ideas, projects,...). You can also earn points by commenting and voting.


When will giveaway end?
Giveaway will end on 31. January. 2017

If you have questions ask us on our facebook page or email (if you do that in comment you won't be able to win!)

548 views Dec 20, 2016

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LeafyIsHere Explorer 445 points
I joined
+1 vote
Dec 20, 2016
Dark Hoodie Explorer 380 points
Im handsome!!
EnimousLP Merchant 210 points
I joined. Ill add something because i got Your messege is a duplicate error.
0 votes
Dec 20, 2016
dermacules016 Watcher 305 points
I joined. I got the duplicate error too.
0 votes
Dec 20, 2016
DarkWolf98 Recruit 125 points
I joined. Error says "Your submission appears to be a duplicate."
0 votes
Dec 20, 2016
biox00 Explorer 415 points
I joined , well I guess I need to say something so good luck to everyone. Especially LeafyIsHere :D
+2 votes
Dec 20, 2016
Unzaga Watcher 275 points
I joined. Just adding something
0 votes
Dec 20, 2016
Dark Hoodie Explorer 380 points
I joined! I'm handsome!
0 votes
Dec 20, 2016
DoctorCreepy Recruit 145 points
I Joined (( By the way how to earn points please help
0 votes
Dec 21, 2016
Dark Hoodie Explorer 380 points
Comment and make posts
TheLog Merchant 200 points
I joined. and my comment is unique
0 votes
Dec 22, 2016
MuhsinunCool Blacksmith 470 points
I joined m8! ily UXRO! :O :D
0 votes
Dec 22, 2016
TCONCR420 Explorer 430 points
I Joined, thank you very much for the giveaway :D
0 votes
Dec 23, 2016
blackbatman56 Explorer 415 points
I joined. :) also got the 200 points.
–1 vote
Dec 26, 2016
samo_lego Merchant 240 points
I have joined(this is my second comment, because first one is missing...)
–1 vote
Dec 29, 2016
Deathsome Recruit 110 points
I also joined :D
–1 vote
Dec 30, 2016
Dirty518 Watcher 320 points
I joined
–1 vote
Jan 2
Greaty Citizen 190 points
I Joined I Hope I Win :) LOL
–1 vote
Jan 2
Makuharu Watcher 330 points
I joined. cake is a lie
0 votes
Jan 3
Maxedo Merchant 210 points
I joined. This is not a duplicate xD
–1 vote
Jan 5
RomelUrotTM Recruit 110 points
I joined! Giveaway rocks! (Got duplicate error)
–1 vote
Jan 12
wrightna Recruit 110 points
i joined ill add mine craft pleas because of the dupe error
–1 vote
4 days ago
UXRO Dark Lord 5,355 points

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